We are determined to prove that small businesses can be a force for good. We reviewed our business activities to understand what we could be doing to reduce our impact - the key risks and what we're doing are as follows: 
  • Carbon emissions - we are working with Ecologi, planting trees to offset carbon produced by our business. So far we have planted 82 trees and offset 5.31 tonnes of carbon (equivalent of 13,174 miles in a car) - all before even launching our beer. Carbon calculators have confirmed this is considerably more carbon than we produce as a business;  

  • Packaging - we are proud to offer plastic-free packaging, using natural gummed paper tape and recycled paper flyers; and

  • Brewing - we have partnered with a leading sustainable brewery to brew our beers. All waste water from the brewing process is recycled and used hops are donated to a local farm for animal feed.
We understand there is still more to do. Our longer term goals are to eliminate plastic from our labels and to target B-Corp certification at the end of 2022.

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