Meet Matt and Jonny

We're two pals from university, who graduated and then followed the well-trodden path to the sunny coast of Sydney. 

We were blown away by Australia's fine tasting low-cal beers. Upon our return to the motherland, our thirst for refreshing beer that didn't make us feel sluggish did not disappear. 

We weren't satisfied by British offerings that compromised on taste and we couldn't find our new favourite brew anywhere. So we decided to make it ourselves. 

We brew our beers for longer - resulting in a refreshing, sessionable lager that contains 30% fewer calories than your average brew. Coming in at 4% ABV, you don't have to compromise on strength either. 

In tribute to our Aussie Beer-oes - we decided to name our pioneering beer YABBA, after an infamous Aussie cricket heckler whose favourite past time was reminding the Brits of their shortcomings. 

Drink it cold with good company, safe in the knowledge that the Aussies haven't won this battle quite yet. 


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